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A sense of tradition. A sense of history. A sense of pride. Ask Harsco employees what it's like to work here, and these are some of the answers you'll hear. We honor our long history by constantly striving to add new and exciting chapters to it. And those chapters are being written every day at Harsco. Seven days a week, 365 days a year, at more than 160 operating locations in 30 countries, Harsco employees come together to build the products and deliver the services that propel economic growth throughout the world. Throughout its history, Harsco has been a market-leading industrial business that has evolved and expanded its global reach through innovation, ingenuity and integrity.

When you join Harsco, you become part of a diverse global community that values respect, integrity, and inclusion, while at the same time investing in your individual professional development. Through our talent management initiatives, we work with you to ensure there is opportunity for jobs to turn into careers. Our commitment to continuous improvement fosters lean and efficient operations, while our comprehensive environmental and safety program underscores our deep commitment to Zero Harm to people and the planet.

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