Principles & Practices

Our vision is to eliminate all incidents from Harsco’s business activities. Our aim is to instill the value of zero harm to people and the environment so that people can enjoy life at work, home and play.

We will achieve this vision by conducting all business activities in a manner that protects the safety and health of our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and the public. We are committed to providing a safe work environment where the only acceptable number of injuries is zero. We expect our employees to work proactively to eliminate all incidents.

Environmental Program

Through our environmental program, we continually assess the environmental impact of our operating facilities and products, and take actions to eliminate unacceptable risks to customers, employees, neighbors, and the communities in which we operate. Our commitment extends beyond expected compliance with environmental laws and includes the incorporation of sound environmental practices into our business decision-making processes.

Our environmental commitment also extends to the work we do. Minimizing the environmental impact and capturing the maximum value from industrial co-products is a core Harsco service and technology focus. Our recovery and extraction of high value metallic content from slag gives our customers a cost-effective raw material for production while also creating an ecologically sound material for a range of environmentally beneficial commercial applications. We are also the largest U.S. manufacturer of coal slag abrasives for the surface preparation market. Our BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives are the original, low dusting, low free silica coal slag blasting abrasives. Our agricultural and turf soil conditioners contain the highest level of total soluble silicon in the industry. The benefits of silicon range from increased water-use efficiency to greater crop yields. We are also one of the largest roofing granule suppliers in the U.S., serving the leading shingle producers for the residential roofing and other markets.

Conflict Minerals

It is the policy of Harsco Corporation and its subsidiaries or affiliated entities (collectively, “Harsco”) to conduct business in compliance with laws that require publicly-traded companies to disclose their use of “conflict minerals” originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“DRC”) or an adjoining country. Conflict minerals include columbite-tantalite (coltan), cassiterite (tin), wolframite (tungsten), and gold, (collectively, “3T&G”) and any of their derivatives. We encourage our suppliers to adopt similar policies and management systems with respect to conflict minerals and to drive those efforts throughout their supply chain to ensure that the specified metals are being sourced only from (1) mines and smelters outside the DRC or an adjoining country; or (2) mines and smelters within the DRC or an adjoining country which have been certified by an independent third party as “conflict free.”  Harsco has engaged Crowe Horwath, an international accounting and consulting firm, to assist with our conflict minerals due diligence.  You can email questions to  More information about the conflict minerals ruling is available at

Harsco Corporation - Form SD and Conflict Minerals Report for Calendar Year 2017